Math Olympiad

Olympiad CV

I am a board member of the Swiss Science Olympiad since 2022 and an active member of the Swiss Mathematical Olympiad since 2013. Since 2022, I am also a member of the IMO problem selection committee. Previously, I was the academic director of the Swiss Mathematical Olympiad from 2017 to 2022.

I was myself contestant for Switzerland at the IMO 2013 (HM) and at MEMO 2012. Since then, I have been team leader and coordinator on several occasions.

My favourite Olympiad topic is algebra.

I organized the second edition of the Olympiade Francophone de Mathématiques in 2021 - an international competition to which about 100 students from 9 countries took part.

Two of my own problems used at international level:

  1. A1 on the IMO Shortlist 2018.
  2. P7 of the team competition at the MEMO 2015.

Teaching notes

Here are a bunch of notes I wrote for Olympiad training. These are available (as for now only) in french and german. Assorted exercices and other teaching material can be found here.

Feel free to use my scripts and please send me any comment or remark!

  1. Introduction to functional equations: (fr) (de)
  2. Functional equations 2 - Cauchy equations: (fr) (de)
  3. Introduction to inequalities: (fr) (de)
  4. Introduction to sequences: (fr)


If you wonder what Math Olympiad are, read the following article (fr) (de) published in the Bulletin de la Société Suisse des Professeurs de Mathématiques et Physique. If you wonder how Olympiad mathematics differ from traditional school mathematics, have a look at this (fr) (de).

A short story I wrote for the biannual journal of the about Braess’ paradox in game theory.