Workshop on Interplay between symplectic geometry and cluster theory


Cluster algebras were introduced by Fomin and Zelevinsky in 2000 in the context of Lie theory. In the last twenty-two years the theory of cluster algebras gave life to several fascinating applications between different fields of mathematics such as quiver representations, Calabi-Yau categories, Teichm"uller theory, Poisson geometry, and many others.

An interesting example stems from the work of Vianna, where a connection between Markov triples and not Hamiltonian isotopic Lagrangian tori is established. Motivated by this result, we would like to further understand the relations between cluster structures, quiver representations and almost toric fibrations.

The aim of this workshop is to gain a deeper understanding of these interplay thanks to three mini-courses held by experts as well as some research talks. The IWH will provide us with a charming environment for discussions towards further explorations and perspectives.

The workshop is aimed at graduate students and senior scientists interested in the topic. There will be three minicourses and six research talks. You can download the abstracts here.

when and where?

The workshop takes place at the IWH Heidelberg from 16th to 18th January, 2023. The IWH is ideally located in the old town of Heidelberg. Lunches will be provided at the IWH.

The workshop starts on Monday morning and ends on Wednesday after lunch. You can download the schedule of the workshop here.


The deadline for registration was 15th December, 2022.


Minicourse speakers:

Research talks:

Organizers: Maria Bertozzi, Alexandre Jannaud, and Arnaud Maret.

Scientific committee: Peter Albers, Markus Reineke, and Anna Wienhard.

We gratefully acknowledge funding from the CRC/TRR 191.